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Lance is a
digital designer, strategist, and producer

My specialties



Visual Design


V.R. Homelessness Research Study

I am part of a research team at the CougAR Lab studying the effects of virtual reality and its relation to those affected by homelessness. The study is currently ongoing and results should come soon.

Midnight Spies Transmedia Campaign

I conducted a transmedia marketing campaign for the band Midnight Spies to promote their music and establish their online presence.

Professor Khan Research Promotion

I was part of a team that created content to promote the biotech research of Prof. Abdul Khan. I helped create the website, the logos, and the research video.


Identity System

I planned and designed the branding for our senior showcase event Digifest. I created designs for 4 various pieces of printed media with a central theme.

VR Room 1_edited.jpg

Population Health Virtual Reality Room

I helped create a virtual reality room using Spatial for the University of Houston's Population Health Dept. to promote their initiative.

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