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Branding / Post-Production / Web Design

Professor Khan Research Promotion


University of Houston biotech professor Abdul Khan needed promotion for his research as well as for the lab he leads, the Microbiome and Genomics Lab. I was part of a group of 6 that was tasked with creating artifacts for Prof. Khan to utilize in his promotion. Prof. Khan expressed a desire for specific pieces of media, namely a video for his research, a video about his lab, and an updated website. I worked mainly on creating the website for his lab. The final created artifacts were a research documentary video, a day in the life video, a new logo, and a new website.

The website we designed had multiple tabs for different parts of the lab he wanted to highlight. Of course, we had the home page, a page for his team, a publications page, and necessary pages such as for contact, terms, and privacy policies. We added pages for news and updates since the lab was active on Twitter, hosted events, and regularly participated in other research studies. I also created a video montage for his web header utilizing B-roll footage of the lab and lab activities. We used all University of Houston text and colors as he is with the University. This site was all done in Wix, and we assisted in creating a domain name for Prof. Khan and setting his site up.

Additionally, I assisted in filming both videos and was part of post-production with the research documentary video, specifically editing and motion design. I also assisted with the final renditions of the logo and created edits for it. The process was creatively fulfilling but also gave me an insight into how to work for a client that had specific needs for their product. Prof. Khan was quite gracious throughout the whole process and was happy with the final artifacts that he received.

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