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Midnight Spies Transmedia Campaign


Midnight Spies Production Bible
Download PDF • 64.37MB

The pop band Midnight Spies required a transmedia marketing campaign to promote their upcoming single, as well as establish a fanbase for themselves on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Soundcloud. This campaign needed to exist on multiple platforms as well as in different forms of media. I created and planned a campaign designed around their music, and the video content that they would release over two weeks.


Before any assets were created it was necessary to conduct tremendous amounts of research to determine user need, differentiation, as well as their SWOT. Overall, it was to figure out why fans of music would want to care for an upcoming New Wave pop band based in Houston. I found that they could find a niche in the Houston music scene due to the prominence of hip-hop and rap in the city, and promoting a band that leverages a unique sound and extensive storytelling capabilities could garner a sizeable audience.


I also needed to devise a story to go along with the campaign to engage the audience even more, as well as to use it to guide the user journey. It would be difficult for the audience to experience every content in order, so my story focused on an entity named Urby guiding people through the city, and that guidance is how their content can be experienced in order.


I then consulted the band heavily to find the design and aesthetic that best suited them. The lyrics and sound of their songs lent themselves to a nostalgic feeling set in cityscapes so the design centers around a slight pastel red color and heavy black, gray, and white tones. I also assisted in finding imagery and fonts for their branding and settled on Roboto for the title, Century Gothic for the subtitles, and Bodoni MT for the text.


The assets were mostly created by me: the poster promoting the band’s single, the augmented reality filter that featured rose-tinted glasses, their whole website with a countdown to their livestream, and their social media content. I edited the videos to fit the design that we had established. To end it all we conducted a livestream on YouTube so that fans could interact with the band.


The campaign started on April 1st and in a couple of weeks, we garnered at least 20 followers on each of their platforms and hundreds of views on their videos, as well as plays for their single on Soundcloud. This campaign took 6 months of work and hundreds of hours of my time, but it was an amazing experience to see a whole marketing strategy come together along with the necessary research and production to reach new fans and create some interest in a new band.

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