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Modeling / Rigging / Animation

Rob the Robot Animation


For this class, I was responsible for creating a working 3D model and making an animation with it. I planned what kind of model I would go for, and plan what kind of animation I could make. I chose to make a robot, but unfortunately, I needed an organic model, and to work around this I designed him in a way that would allow him to move organically.

The modeling took quite a bit of time, and this is a great lesson to learn about working with 3D. I then skinned and applied metallic materials to it. I moved on to the rigging process and made sure it worked the way it should, with skin weights, IK handles, and testing. I then planned the animation, created a storyboard, and started on the animation. The animation revolved around him getting surprised by the viewer and waving at the camera. Rendering took hours, but I compiled everything into Premiere Pro, and the result is shown here.

Project Gallery

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